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Who is Jesus

TIME Magazine’s #1 most influential person of all time. 🐐 Learn the crux of his teachings, why he was executed, and why billions have said he’s alive today.

Week 1

The Mystery Man:

Introductions ft. a discussion on who you think Jesus is & what he was like. We'll have a time to gather questions that you'd like answered in the next 3 weeks.

Week 2

The Partying Rebel:

Examining how Jesus defied societal norms, went to the outcasts, condemned the religious goodie-two-shoes, and how the crux of his teaching was truth and love.

Week 3

The Condemned Criminal:

Discuss why people wanted him executed and why his death wasn't really an execution.

Week 4

The Immortal Friend:

Saying someone resurrected from the dead is insane. Why do billions think he actually did? We'll look at how historians verify events (the minimal facts approach) and how to take an academic, social-science approach to evaluating evidence.

Our Meetups

@2023 Campus Light College Church

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